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Retention Problem? Start Thinking of Your Practice as a Brand

Low patient retention hurts both providers and patients. Doctor-hopping patients miss out on the consistent quality of care they get from developing long-term relationships with providers — as well as the in-depth knowledge of their medical histories that comes with that. Providers suffer too, since acquiring new patients typically costs a lot more than keeping…

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Introduction to SEO for Medical Practices

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, it’s no longer an option for doctors and medical practices to have a website—it’s necessary if you want patients—and providers who can make referrals—to find you. Without any digital marketing experience however, you might think, “build it and they will come.” Yet your website is only the foundation of your […]


How to Diminish Perceived Wait Time for Patients

In a survey commissioned last year by UX-design agency Sequence, 85 percent of those surveyed describe seeing their doctor between 10 and 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time, and 63 percent say that waiting is “the most stressful part of the doctor appointment experience.”  As the report points out, “there is room for improvement.” […]


The Dental Office, Reimagined

Take a close look at your average dental practice and see if you can spot any kind of overall theme. It’s likely you’ll come away thinking everything looks clean and sterile, with the message being one of sanitation and professionalism. What you might not see are clues about the personality of the provider, even though […]


5 Easy Ways To Make Your Medical Practice More Efficient

If you’re like most physicians, your goal is to make your medical practice more efficient, which will ultimately reward your profit margins. The reality, however, is that you probably spend a significant percentage of your day reviewing test results, entering data and writing prescriptions. According to a survey by Advisory Board, doctors spend only 27 […]

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32 percent of patients between 18 and 34 shop around and switch providers to get a better deal.

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32 percent of patients between 18 and 34 shop around and switch providers to get a better deal.

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What Times of Year are Doctors the Most and Least Busy?

Although Americans in general are known for not being great at taking vacations, doctors especially can find it hard to take time off. Schedules are busy, and with a finite number of appointment slots available, it’s difficult to finally unplug and take a well-deserved break. And while schedules may seem packed at all times throughout…


6 Reasons Patient Feedback is Important

More patients than ever before are reading online reviews before ever stepping foot into a doctor’s office. In fact, a 2013 report found nearly half of patients surveyed would go out of network to see a doctor who had positive reviews. Reviews are a good first step but it’s necessary for healthcare providers to have […]


How Cell Phones Are Changing the Therapist-Patient Relationship

In my training as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, I’ve learned to pay close attention to the details: I notice when my patients change their tone of voice, when the flow of their ideas shifts direction, or when they seem to enter a new emotional state. This focus on my patients is essential to doing my […]


Why Do Patients Use Zocdoc?

If you’re a doctor not on Zocdoc, you may not know what you’re missing. By that we mean, you don’t know how many more patients would book appointments with you — if only they could with Zocdoc. And what you don’t know is hurting your practice. Ask your existing patients if they’re familiar with Zocdoc, and they […]

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    From attracting new patients to reducing no-shows, Zocdoc helps you be the best doctor you can be.

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