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The Things to Consider When Choosing A Location For Your Medical Practice

When it comes to purchasing a home or investment property, it’s all about location, location, location. The same rule applies when you’re looking to buy a space for your medical practice. According to a July 2014 report by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 50 percent of patients consider the location of medical practice…

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Why Patients Have Trouble Expressing Symptoms — and What to Do About It

For physicians, routine is a disguise. Performing multiple examinations a day, they grow used to the sterile walls, billowing gowns and murmured concerns of their visitors. But for the person on the other end of the equation — the patient — trying to describe what’s wrong can be an exercise in frustration. “Some symptoms, like […]

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How Pediatricians Can Set Their Practices Apart

A fantastic patient experience is important across healthcare, but it’s especially crucial for pediatricians. During every visit, you have to satisfy two very different audiences: your patients and their parents. But when you get it right, the results are more than rewarding. You’ll shape your patients’ first memories of going to the doctor, helping them […]


5 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

Between handling back-to-back appointments, making sure your support staff is set up for success, and doing everything else necessary to keep your orthodontic practice running smoothly, chances are you don’t have the time, budget or know-how to create and implement a large-scale marketing strategy. But in today’s competitive healthcare space, where one poor patient review can […]


7 Marketing Strategies For Chiropractors

As a chiropractor, your competition isn’t limited to nearby practitioners offering similar services. You also have to compete with different types of doctors and alternative-medicine practitioners who specialize in pain relief. To ensure that patients think of your name first whenever they need pain relief, you’ll need to have a solid marketing strategy. Here are 7 […]

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32 percent of patients between 18 and 34 shop around and switch providers to get a better deal.

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32 percent of patients between 18 and 34 shop around and switch providers to get a better deal.

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5 Ways to Improve Patient Flow

As doctors and health systems face mounting pressure to improve efficiency, boost patient satisfaction, and increase their bottom lines, patient flow will play an integral role in running a successful practice. What is patient flow? Patient flow is the movement of patients through a doctor’s office, hospital, or health system in an easy, seamless, and…


4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting New Patients

You’ve invested in stellar SEO and waited patiently for your site to climb to the top of the search results. Finally, your site is getting the kind of website traffic you deserve. And yet, the new patients aren’t rolling in. What gives? While SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, it’s not the […]


Retention Problem? It Might Be Your Brand.

Low patient retention hurts both providers and patients. Doctor-hopping patients miss out on the consistent quality of care they get from developing long-term relationships with providers — as well as the in-depth knowledge of their medical histories that comes with that. Providers suffer too, since acquiring new patients typically costs a lot more than keeping […]


Introduction to SEO for Medical Practices

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, it’s no longer an option for doctors and medical practices to have a website—it’s necessary if you want patients—and providers who can make referrals—to find you. Without any digital marketing experience however, you might think, “build it and they will come.” Yet your website is only the foundation of your […]

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