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Introducing Zocdoc Sponsored Results

Today we’re excited to introduce Sponsored Results, a new advertising solution that increases your visibility to new patients. When a patient makes a relevant search on Zocdoc, your Sponsored Results advertisement will be featured above the rest of marketplace search results in a separate section, making you the first doctor they see when they’re looking to book an appointment.

“Patients come to Zocdoc looking for a new doctor,” says Carol Skordas, Sponsored Results Product Manager. “Sponsored Results let’s doctors optimize that traffic and get in front of the best new patients for their practice.”

Introducing Sponsored Results

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While other advertising solutions are effective at building awareness or surfacing your practice in evaluation searches, Sponsored Results is powerful because it allows you to stand out to your ideal patient who is ready to book an appointment at that moment.

When patients search on Zocdoc, they specify several filters, such as visit reason, zip code and insurance carrier. With Sponsored Results, your advertisement will only be shown to patients searching for those parameters that match with the attributes of your Zocdoc profile. This means your ad will only be shown to the right patients who are actually eligible to book with your practice.

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Only pay for results

One of the most challenging aspects of advertising for medical practices, is that it’s not always easy to measure the return-on-investment, but with Sponsored Results, you’ll only pay for results. Sponsored Results charges on a cost-per-impression model, which means if you won’t be charged if your ad is never shown. This ensures there’s no wasted spend and your return-on-investment is easy to measure.

Zocdoc also understands that advertising budgets for medical practices can vary, so there’s no minimum to get started on Sponsored Results and you can customize your daily spend for what makes sense for your practice. An ideal budget will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much your practice values additional exposure on Zocdoc, practice size, total marketing and advertising budget, and the bid rate for your specialty and market. But you will never be charged more than the average daily budget you set and you can change this at any time.

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After you activate Sponsored Results, you will be taken to your performance dashboard where you can keep track of your views, clicks, acquired appointments and spend. You can see your Sponsored Results performance dashboard at any time in your Zocdoc account.

Our experts are here to help

Finally, we know that many practices don’t have the luxury of full-time dedicated marketers. That’s why our specialists are here to help you approach Sponsored Results in a way that makes sense for your specialty, market and budget. With our dedicated ongoing support, you’ll always work with a dedicated account manager who knows your practice as well as you do.

Ready to get started?

Ready to start advertising on Zocdoc? We’re rolling out this feature gradually to ensure it’s successful in every market. If you’re already using Zocdoc and Sponsored Results is available in your market, head to your dashboard and start advertising by setting your daily budget and bid.

If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists, call 877-454-4295 for more information.

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