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Which Medical Publications Do Doctors Read Most?

Writing thought-leadership articles or guest blogging is an excellent way to position yourself as an influential medical professional and build credibility as well as awareness of your personal brand. Contributing content can help build trust, manage your reputation, improve traffic to your site and generate leads in the form of physician referrals.

When it comes to the best medical publications, news sites, and industry blogs, however, it’s important to direct your pitch efforts towards the publications that most doctors actually read.

We surveyed physicians to find out which medical publications they read the most regularly. Here is what we found:

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Since each of these outlets is unique and publishes content with a specific audience in mind, it’s important to first identify what your goals are and understand their needs before pitching thought leadership content.


Peer-reviewed medical journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) are suited for physicians who want to publish new studies and articles that inform physicians, researchers, policy makers, librarians and the media on medical and healthcare issues. Medical journals have a very specific process you must follow to be considered for publication.

News sites

News sites like Medscape offer breaking medical news and content such as drug releases, clinical trials, and healthcare policy updates, as well as articles designed to help physicians grow their practices. Since many of these sites have their own editorial staff, be sure to find out if they accept submissions and what they are looking for from contributors. If you have a fresh perspective on a dated issue or a unique story idea, you will have a better chance of an editor accepting your work.

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Industry trades

Medical trade outlets like Medical Economics post news and timely and relevant content about healthcare technology, policy, and business. They are also one of the best outlets for you to have work published in, as they are followed by a large audience of medical peers.


Medical blogs like are a great way for physicians who want to drive traffic to their sites but don’t have the time or resources to devote to their own blogs. Guest blogging about issues that affect other providers and ways to market and grow a medical practice, for example, can help physicians build their own audiences and stand out.

Source: Zocdoc Provider Segmentation Survey 2017 (668 Physicians)


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