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Bidding Strategies on Sponsored Results

While everything from office ambiance to friendly receptionists factor into the success of your practice, a steady stream of new prospects is crucial to your success. And if you’re stuck on the second or third page of search results in a competitive area, spending a bit of money to stand out could be just the […]


How to Measure Success on Sponsored Results

Any healthy practice relies on a steady stream of new patients, which is why marketing should always be on your radar. Enter Sponsored Results, an advertising solution that gives you preferred placement in relevant Zocdoc searches.  Using Sponsored Results ensures that you rank highly in the types of searches performed by prospective patients looking for […]


Introducing Zocdoc Sponsored Results

Today we’re excited to introduce Sponsored Results, a new advertising solution that increases your visibility to new patients. When a patient makes a relevant search on Zocdoc, your Sponsored Results advertisement will be featured above the rest of marketplace search results in a separate section, making you the first doctor they see when they’re looking to […]