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5 Ways to Set Your Dental Practice Apart From the Competition

As a dental professional, you’re probably well aware that patients don’t always prioritize keeping up with their appointments. Busy schedules, negative past experiences and even dental phobia can cause people to put off the visits that keep you in business. Setting your dental practice apart from the competition can help you create a loyal patient base […]


The Dental Office, Reimagined

Take a close look at your average dental practice and see if you can spot any kind of overall theme. It’s likely you’ll come away thinking everything looks clean and sterile, with the message being one of sanitation and professionalism. What you might not see are clues about the personality of the provider, even though […]


5 Doctors You Should Follow On Social Media

Savvy doctors who successfully leverage social media know it’s a vital inbound marketing strategy to attract and retain new patients, foster engagement, as well as build loyalty. Reaching your audience, keeping a steady flow of patients coming through the door and standing out from the competition is more important than ever before, especially when it […]


Top 3 Digital Advertising Solutions for Medical Practices

Just a few decades ago, it was almost unheard of for doctors to advertise. Sure, some may have taken out an ad in a local paper, but for many, it still seemed almost uncouth. Doctors built their practices on their reputations and credentials, and that was enough to grow a robust patient base, boosted further […]

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How to Build Your Social Media Presence in Under an Hour

I frequently teach and speak to physicians concerning online reputation and digital footprint. Everyone's pressed for time, and inevitably, I'm asked about the easiest, fastest ways to get started on establishing and owning your online voice. Here, I've compiled six of my favorite approaches, each doable in well under an hour. Launch a LinkedIn page.…


Putting Social Media to Work: Channels That Deliver

So many social media channels, so little time! Not only can the sheer number of options be overwhelming, but there are also plenty of pitfalls and rewards to consider. You want to respect privacy, avoid making inadvertent factual or grammatical errors (that become public), and of course reach the right audience. What to do? Where to go? Which channel is easier, faster, safer...better? Here, I’ve compiled a list the social media channels I use and what benefits they bring me. Obviously, this represents my own, personal opinion, and reflects my individual experiences as a healthcare marketing manager. However, perhaps for some of you they can represent a launching point, help inform a decision, or - best of all - spark some discussion and note-comparing. Read more...