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Referral Programs

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8 Common Patient Referral Program Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’ve been following the first three installments of our four-part series on patient referral programs, you know that tapping into your existing patient database for referrals is the most cost-effective and successful practice growth resource available for dentists and other providers. We’ve covered the basics, the best practices, and the role of health care liaisons. […]


8 Ways to Maximize Your Patient Referral Program

In the first installment of our four-part series on patient referral programs, we examined how to take some easy first steps into incorporating this marketing strategy into your dental, optometry, or health care practice. Put simply, a patient referral program utilizes your existing patient base to recruit new business: Implementing it can be as easy as […]


How to Start a Patient Referral Program

In the social media age, health care providers have taken heavily to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms in order to reach potential new patients. Others, including dentists, might opt for the old-school method of investing in local television or billboard advertising, spending thousands in the hope that blanketing a community with stock photos of pearly-white […]


Why I Won’t Close My Practice to New Patients

Closing a medical practice to new patients is like cutting off the very top of a tree. It’s the beginning of the end. The top of the tree, the crown, is where the newest leaves are. It’s also the part that continues growing ever upward, at least until it reaches its maximal genetic height, depending on environmental factors like the availability of water and sunlight (both of which also depend on how many other trees are competing for them nearby). Read more...

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