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How Patients Use Online Reviews

It’s not often that patients jump at an opportunity to pay for a doctor out of pocket. But according to a survey conducted by the Software Advice consulting firm, 47 percent of respondents would do just that, visiting a doctor out-of-network even if an in-network doctor were more affordable and convenient. Why? Because that doctor […]


What Makes People Like and Dislike Their Doctors?

For many years, online reviews have been an important resource for digital consumers. While these reviews mainly originated for things like restaurant recommendations and eCommerce purchases, sites now aggregate ratings of everything from churches to colleges and even hospitals. Given the powerful effects online reviews can have on the health of a business, healthcare providers […]


The Importance of Patient Reviews (And Why Doctors Should Leverage Them)

In 2012, tension over online doctor reviews ran high. As the New York Times reported, physicians were turning to third-party reputation management firms who used legal threats to silence critical patients on the web. Information freedom non-profits and tech media outlets responded with investigations and an FTC complaint. As a former practitioner, I sympathize with some doctors’ apprehension about online reviews; the desire to protect oneself from unfair or unwarranted criticism is all-too relatable. But patients have a right to talk about their experiences. Censorship also doesn’t work, especially in the age of the Internet. Gag orders will not silence angry patients. Those patients will simply find ways to air their opinions anonymously, regardless of whether their grievances are legitimate. Read more...

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