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Patient Retention

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5 Ways to Set Your Dental Practice Apart From the Competition

As a dental professional, you’re probably well aware that patients don’t always prioritize keeping up with their appointments. Busy schedules, negative past experiences and even dental phobia can cause people to put off the visits that keep you in business. Setting your dental practice apart from the competition can help you create a loyal patient base […]

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How to Improve Wait Time for Patients

In a survey commissioned last year by UX-design agency Sequence, 85 percent of those surveyed describe seeing their doctor between 10 and 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time, and 63 percent say that waiting is “the most stressful part of the doctor appointment experience.”  As the report points out, “there is room for improvement.” […]


6 Reasons Patient Feedback is Important

More patients than ever before are reading online reviews before ever stepping foot into a doctor’s office. In fact, a 2013 report found nearly half of patients surveyed would go out of network to see a doctor who had positive reviews. Reviews are a good first step but it’s necessary for healthcare providers to have […]

Most Popular in Patient Retention

What to Include on a Patient Satisfaction Survey

With the move towards value-based healthcare, patient feedback is more important than ever especially for providers who need a competitive edge. Patient satisfaction forms digital surveys can help your practice understand the care you deliver from your patients’ perspectives, identify challenges and bottlenecks and make changes that will help you attract and retain more patients…


What Builds Loyal Doctor-Patient Relationships?

What motivates a patient to stay with a doctor? Foremost you need to be a good doctor, but there are other factors that complicate the picture.  The other parts are far complicated, healthcare researchers have lots of theories — psychology, smart office design, operations management, and marketing all factor into patient retention. Sure, a nice office and efficiency […]


How to Implement a Patient Feedback System

In today’s competitive healthcare market, it’s crucial that physicians striving for financial success take the time to understand what their patients really need and want from their practice. A well-planned patient feedback system can help physicians identify gaps, make changes that will improve satisfaction, quality of care, attract new patients, increase patient engagement, and foster […]

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How Does Age Impact Patient Satisfaction?

If you walked into the average medical practice on any given day, you would see patients ranging in age from 1 to 101. Understanding and adapting to the needs of such a diverse group of patients is challenging. Many offices are struggling with this, and patient dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. In the Patient-Provider […]