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5 Ways To Make Your Practice More Efficient

If you’re like most physicians, your goal is to make your medical practice more efficient, which will ultimately reward your profit margins. The reality, however, is that you probably spend a significant percentage of your day reviewing test results, entering data and writing prescriptions. According to a survey by Advisory Board, doctors spend only 27 […]


How Often Should You Update Your Insurance List?

It’s a situation any provider wants to avoid: you’ve just seen a patient who is out-of-network. Now, you’re looking at time spent negotiating with insurance companies over reimbursement. This unfortunate situation occurs in part because patients don’t always understand their coverage. A Zocdoc-Kelton Global Insurance Confidence survey found that only 28% of insured Americans feel confident their doctor […]


What to Do When You’ve Discovered a Patient is Out-of-Network

It’s not something that happens often, but despite intake process and office procedures, sometimes you may discover a patient is out-of-network after you’ve completed the appointment. Healthcare is complicated and patients don’t always understand their coverage. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Health Economics found only 14 percent of consumers with private health […]


What are the Most-Searched Insurances in Your Area?

In an ideal world, healthcare providers and patients would find one another only based on satisfaction ratings, referrals and recommendations, or simply because of a convenient practice location serving the needs of the surrounding community. The reality? Patients typically first evaluate potential providers by posing just one question: Do they take my insurance? In several recent […]

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