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Patients Skeptical of the Flu Vaccine? Here’s How to Reason With Them

The flu season is in full swing, and when it comes to prevention, you already know that the flu vaccine is one of the best solutions. Yet year after year patients, aren’t on keen on getting the vaccine. In fact, according to recent data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2014 […]


Machine Learning Helps Mass General Predict Cancerous Breast Lesions

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, have developed a machine learning tool to identify high-risk breast lesions that are likely to develop into cancer. By accurately predicting which biopsy-diagnosed, high-risk lesions are likely to become cancerous, the technology has the potential to reduce unnecessary surgeries by nearly […]


More Providers Look to Use Social Determinants of Health in Treatment

When Mental Health Center of Denver first launched an illness management program, it began by sending treatment data back to the patients, detailing their progress toward recovery, using as a basis the information contained on patient and therapist surveys. Patients received reports every three months, and the therapy center hoped the additional information would spark […]

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