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How to Find the Lifetime Value of a Patient

Marketing your practice is all about getting a return on your investment—and while calculating your cost per lead and cost per appointment are crucial for making smart marketing decisions, they only tell half the story (the investment half, to be exact). To truly know how well your marketing works, you’ll also need to calculate the […]


How to Find the Cost to Acquire an Appointment

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing, there’s almost no metric as important as the cost to acquire an appointment (which is sometimes called a CPA). After all, appointments are what brings in the revenue that supports your office — and even a steady supply of leads won’t mean financial success if […]


How to Determine Your Daily Budget on Sponsored Results

Like any sort of marketing or advertising program, Sponsored Results allows you to customize your daily spend. An ideal budget will vary on a variety of factors, such as how much your practice values additional exposure on Zocdoc, practice size, total marketing and advertising budget, and the bid rate for your specialty and market. You […]


How to Find the Cost to Acquire a New Patient Lead

Diving into the business side of your practice can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve never received any formal marketing training before. And while you don’t need to take on the job of a large-scale marketing department to stay profitable, measuring just a few marketing metrics can go a long way in ensuring your practice succeeds. […]

The Right Way to Invest Your Practice Marketing Dollars

It seems like every day there's a new article about the latest trendy social network or other shiny tools that you, as a physician working to build your practice, simply have to start using. Last year, it was Pinterest, then Instragram, then Tumblr, and tomorrow...who knows? On conference stages and in the halls, attendees discuss which marketing…