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How-To, Retain

How to Improve Wait Time for Patients

In a survey commissioned last year by UX-design agency Sequence, 85 percent of those surveyed describe seeing their doctor between 10 and 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time, and 63 percent say that waiting is “the most stressful part of the doctor appointment experience.”  As the report points out, “there is room for improvement.” […]


How Physicians are Coping with Self-Diagnosis in the Information Age

Bryan Vartabedian, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist practicing in the Woodlands, Texas, has a bone to pick with eosinophils. A type of white blood cell that can be elevated in patients with inflammatory bowel conditions like milk allergies or Crohn’s, Vartabedian has found himself repeatedly explaining to anxious parents who have Googled test results that their […]


How to Hire the Best Front Office Staff for Your Practice

Hiring staff for your medical or dental practice is a significant investment in your time and money—but it’s worth it. Your receptionist, billing clerk, and office manager interact perform necessary tasks and set the tone for your practice, ultimately enabling you to become successful. To your patients, the front office staff is the face of […]


A Provider’s Guide to Physician Liaisons

If you’re a specialist, you probably have an instinctive notion that referrals are a prerequisite to doing business. Even though patients are doing more research than ever when it comes to selecting health care providers, a recommendation from their primary care physician is still the biggest influencer: Primary care is responsible for up to 70 […]

A Promising New Era for Alzheimer’s Research

Marsha Fowler still remembers vividly what it was like to watch as her mother showed the first signs of memory loss that are often the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. “She would write notes to herself everywhere and lived by her list of things that needed to be done–to the point where it was very…


8 Ways to Maximize Your Patient Referral Program

In the first installment of our four-part series on patient referral programs, we examined how to take some easy first steps into incorporating this marketing strategy into your dental, optometry, or health care practice. Put simply, a patient referral program utilizes your existing patient base to recruit new business: Implementing it can be as easy as […]


What are the Most-Searched Insurances in Your Area?

In an ideal world, healthcare providers and patients would find one another only based on satisfaction ratings, referrals and recommendations, or simply because of a convenient practice location serving the needs of the surrounding community. The reality? Patients typically first evaluate potential providers by posing just one question: Do they take my insurance? In several recent […]


How to Leverage Online Patient Reviews to Grow Your Practice

Your best patients are also your best marketers. Positive online patient reviews and ratings on sites like Zocdoc, Google and Yelp result in increased numbers of appointment bookings as well as better SEO for your practice’s business pages, which will drive even more traffic, visibility, and conversions. As potential patients increasingly rely on the opinions […]