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Booking Behavior

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What Times of Year are Doctors the Busiest?

Although Americans in general are known for not being great at taking vacations, doctors especially can find it hard to take time off. Schedules are busy, and with a finite number of appointment slots available, it’s difficult to finally unplug and take a well-deserved break. And while schedules may seem packed at all times throughout […]

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How Patients Use Online Reviews

It’s not often that patients jump at an opportunity to pay for a doctor out of pocket. But according to a survey conducted by the Software Advice consulting firm, 47 percent of respondents would do just that, visiting a doctor out-of-network even if an in-network doctor were more affordable and convenient. Why? Because that doctor […]


How Online Booking Helps Fill Last-Minute Cancellations

One of the more frustrating aspects of running a practice, regardless of specialty, is last-minute cancellations. Not only are these squandered appointments unfair to other patients who need an appointment, but they can also lead to significant losses in revenue. Kenneth T. Hertz, principal of Medical Group Management Association, stresses that last-minute cancellations are a […]


What are the Most-Searched Insurances in Your Area?

In an ideal world, healthcare providers and patients would find one another only based on satisfaction ratings, referrals and recommendations, or simply because of a convenient practice location serving the needs of the surrounding community. The reality? Patients typically first evaluate potential providers by posing just one question: Do they take my insurance? In several recent […]

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What’s the Attendance Rate for Appointments Booked Online?

When patients miss appointments, practices lose money. One of the reasons Zocdoc was founded was to help fill the sizable percentage of appointments that are cancelled, often within a day or two of the scheduled visit. That was in 2007, six years ago. Since then, researchers have begun to wonder how services such as Zocdoc…