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Appointment Booking

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Why Are Appointments Booked Online Canceled Less?

Back in medical school, I always heard how hard it was for patients to get in to see a doctor in dermatology, my chosen field. It was a refrain I often found a little difficult to believe, considering how many newly minted dermatologists graduate each year, not to mention how this specialty usually can see more patients in a day than a family physician. Living in Houston, I had only to look on Zocdoc to see appointment availabilities to fit almost every sub-speciality, time requirement, and insurance plan. Yet talking to patients, the problem seemed very real, and especially so when I left Houston to work in a rural setting. But what I also began to notice, having now joined the workforce, was how many appointments were cancelled – and how many last-minute openings even my busiest colleagues seemed to have. Could it be that the lack of doctor availability isn’t just due to a physician shortage, but to the way patients schedule and attend their appointments? Read more...