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How My Dental Practice Retains Patients

I manage Barron Family Dental, one of the highest-performing practices that works with Zocdoc when it comes to repeat bookings.

Our single-provider practice is led by my wife, Dr. Jessica Barron, and a five-person support staff. Working as a team, they provide one of the best comprehensive dental experiences in the Denver area.

Our approach to care hinges on four key components, which we believe play a crucial role in turning new faces into loyal patients. We decided to share them so other practices can enjoy the same success:

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1. An accommodating, communicative staff

Communication between staff and patients is critical. It starts with the manner in which phones are answered and appointments are booked through the front desk. Zocdoc lets patients book online with our practice, but that’s only part of the equation.

As soon as a patient schedules an appointment through Zocdoc, our staff follows up via phone or email. This gives us the opportunity to provide the patient with information they’ll need for their visit, make sure they know how to access the paperwork they need to fill out and answer any pre-appointment questions.

2. Placing priority on wait times

When patients arrive at Barron Family Dental, they’re greeted by a friendly team member who sets expectations for their appointment time. We want our patients to know that we value their time as much as our own, so our practice aims for a minimal wait time and transparent communication. Our five-star reviews for wait time on Zocdoc reflect our success in making this a priority.

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3. A friendly, non-threatening environment

Our main goal as a practice is to build long-lasting relationships with patients, so we make an effort to know every person we treat on a personal level.

New patient exams always begin with one question: “Why are you here with us today?” Answers range from basic explanations like “I need a check-up” to more intimate disclosures from patients who’ve had traumatic experiences inside or outside a dental office. This seemingly simple question helps us get to know the patient, as well as create a care plan tailored to their needs after they leave the office.

Zocdoc users rate practices on bedside manner, and since Dr. Barron takes the time to develop a rapport with patients, we excel in this metric. One reviewer even said her seven-year-old daughter felt comfortable during her visit thanks to the great communication — practitioners and patients alike know that’s not always easy to achieve.  

4. Utilizing follow-up as a referral tool

We make it our mission never to fall below our high standards of care, which are designed to produce a five-star patient experience.

As patients prepare to leave their appointments, our staff will answer any questions they have and get them to sign off on their care plan. With the level of service we provide, patients are ready to continue seeing us 95 percent of the time. When patients who book through Zocdoc are on their way out the door, our staff asks them to write a review of their experience online. This allows our patients, both new and returning, to help us drive new business.

Zak Barron is the practice manager at Barron Family Dental in Denver, Colorado.