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Understand and Protect Your Medical Practice IP

How much thought have you given to the value of your intellectual property?  You already understand the value of your equipment, supplies, property and support staff. While IP may not be as tangible a resource, protecting it is an important part of running a successful practice. “Creating and protecting your intellectual property is the best way […]


5 Ways to Improve Patient Flow

As doctors and health systems face mounting pressure to improve efficiency, boost patient satisfaction, and increase their bottom lines, patient flow will play an integral role in running a successful practice. What is patient flow? Patient flow is the movement of patients through a doctor’s office, hospital, or health system in an easy, seamless, and […]

5 Ways To Make Your Practice More Efficient

If you’re like most physicians, your goal is to make your medical practice more efficient, which will ultimately reward your profit margins. The reality, however, is that you probably spend a significant percentage of your day reviewing test results, entering data and writing prescriptions. According to a survey by Advisory Board, doctors spend only 27…


What is Meaningful Use Attestation?

Stale jokes about physician’s handwriting aside, the truth is that both patients and doctors benefit when providers shift from the traditional pen & paper note-taking to keeping electronic records. Not only do you cut down on misreadings and miscommunications, but electronic health records (or EHRs) also allow for secure, centralized storage of information, quick transfer […]


How Often Should You Update Your Insurance List?

It’s a situation any provider wants to avoid: you’ve just seen a patient who is out-of-network. Now, you’re looking at time spent negotiating with insurance companies over reimbursement. This unfortunate situation occurs in part because patients don’t always understand their coverage. A Zocdoc-Kelton Global Insurance Confidence survey found that only 28% of insured Americans feel confident their doctor […]


What is Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

When it comes to running your practice more efficiently, maintaining a steady cash flow and driving revenue, you must make healthcare revenue cycle management a priority. Healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) is the medical billing cycle that physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems use to manage the administrative and clinical aspects of processing claims, payments and […]