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How Great Branding Can Set Your Practice Apart

As a great provider, you already put quality of care first. But your stellar care isn’t the only thing that affects how patients feel when they show up to and leave your office. The way you brand yourself and your practice shapes how current and prospective patients feel about your practice. Strong branding is especially important in […]


5 Ways Specialists Can Improve Word of Mouth Referrals

In this age of healthcare consumerism, patients look to Google, social media and physician-rating websites to find healthcare information and take control of their care options. Even so, word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations are still a key factor in patients discovering you.


5 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

Between handling back-to-back appointments, making sure your support staff is set up for success, and doing everything else necessary to keep your orthodontic practice running smoothly, chances are you don’t have the time, budget or know-how to create and implement a large-scale marketing strategy. But in today’s competitive healthcare space, where one poor patient review can […]

7 Marketing Strategies For Chiropractors

As a chiropractor, your competition isn’t limited to nearby practitioners offering similar services. You also have to compete with different types of doctors and alternative-medicine practitioners who specialize in pain relief. To ensure that patients think of your name first whenever they need pain relief, you’ll need to have a solid marketing strategy. Here are 7…


Introduction to SEO for Medical Practices

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, it’s no longer an option for doctors and medical practices to have a website—it’s necessary if you want patients—and providers who can make referrals—to find you. Without any digital marketing experience however, you might think, “build it and they will come.” Yet your website is only the foundation of your […]


The Dental Office, Reimagined

Take a close look at your average dental practice and see if you can spot any kind of overall theme. It’s likely you’ll come away thinking everything looks clean and sterile, with the message being one of sanitation and professionalism. What you might not see are clues about the personality of the provider, even though […]