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4 Practitioners Share Their Digital Marketing Tips

Back when people still flipped through the Yellow Pages, it was a given that any successful healthcare practice had a phone-book listing. Today, the must-have for a thriving practice is a digital marketing strategy. In our 2017 Benchmark Report, 87 percent of the physicians and office managers/administrators we surveyed said they were doing at least some marketing, […]


How Much Do Other Practices Spend On Marketing?

When it comes to planning your annual practice budget, how much do you allocate for marketing? In our 2017 Benchmark Report we found that, among physicians and office managers surveyed, the average practice spent $1,371 on marketing each month. Of that amount, $669 went to digital marketing and $512 to offline marketing efforts.  But averages don’t […]


How Great Branding Can Set Your Practice Apart

As a great provider, you already put quality of care first. But your stellar care isn’t the only thing that affects how patients feel when they show up to and leave your office. The way you brand yourself and your practice shapes how current and prospective patients feel about your practice. Strong branding is especially important in […]


5 Ways to Improve Word of Mouth Referrals

In this age of healthcare consumerism, patients look to Google, social media and physician-rating websites to find healthcare information and take control of their care options. Even so, word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations are still a key factor in patients discovering you. In a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), more than one-third […]


5 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

Between handling back-to-back appointments, making sure your support staff is set up for success, and doing everything else necessary to keep your orthodontic practice running smoothly, chances are you don’t have the time, budget or know-how to create and implement a large-scale marketing strategy. But in today’s competitive healthcare space, where one poor patient review can […]