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Introduction to SEO for Medical Practices

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, it’s no longer an option for doctors and medical practices to have a website—it’s necessary if you want patients—and providers who can make referrals—to find you. Without any digital marketing experience however, you might think, “build it and they will come.” Yet your website is only the foundation of your […]


The Dental Office, Reimagined

Take a close look at your average dental practice and see if you can spot any kind of overall theme. It’s likely you’ll come away thinking everything looks clean and sterile, with the message being one of sanitation and professionalism. What you might not see are clues about the personality of the provider, even though […]


Why Do Patients Use Zocdoc?

If you’re a doctor not on Zocdoc, you may not know what you’re missing. By that we mean, you don’t know how many more patients would book appointments with you — if only they could with Zocdoc. And what you don’t know is hurting your practice. Ask your existing patients if they’re familiar with Zocdoc, and they […]


13 Best Dental Advertising Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

The best advertising for dental practices and dental hygiene are sometimes informative, occasionally graphic and usually funny. Truly creative ads get massive recirculation via social networks, exponentially increasing their reach and driving additional appointments and sales. These bold dental advertising examples are effective reminders that we should take care of our teeth—or else. 1. Crooked […]

Understanding Bidding Strategies on Zocdoc Sponsored Results

While everything from office ambiance to friendly receptionists factor into the success of your practice, a steady stream of new prospects is crucial to your success. And if you’re stuck on the second or third page of search results in a competitive area, spending a bit of money to stand out could be just the…


How to Measure Success on Sponsored Results

Any healthy practice relies on a steady stream of new patients, which is why marketing should always be on your radar. Enter Sponsored Results, an advertising solution that gives you preferred placement in relevant Zocdoc searches.  Using Sponsored Results ensures that you rank highly in the types of searches performed by prospective patients looking for […]


10 Best Doctor and Dentist Blogs for Patients

Blogging is an effective strategy for marketing your medical or dental practice. By posting regularly about your specialty, related trends, and your patients (in a general way), you will demonstrate you’re a leader in your field while also developing a greater online presence. This in turn will help new patients find you via search, social […]


Which Medical Publications Do Doctors Read Most?

Writing thought-leadership articles or guest blogging is an excellent way to position yourself as an influential medical professional and build credibility as well as awareness of your personal brand. Contributing content can help build trust, manage your reputation, improve traffic to your site and generate leads in the form of physician referrals. When it comes […]