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13 Best Dental Advertising Examples

The best advertising for dental practices and dental hygiene are sometimes informative, occasionally graphic and usually funny. Truly creative ads get massive recirculation via social networks, exponentially increasing their reach and driving additional appointments and sales. These bold dental advertising examples are effective reminders that we should take care of our teeth—or else.

1. Crooked fork tines

dental advertising examples instagram

Instagram and other social networks are prime spaces for visually arresting ads—like this twisted fork advertising Invisalign offerings from Brooklyn-based Grand Street Dental. Social posts are seen not only by your followers, but also by anyone connected to someone who shares them.

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2. Halloween “candy”

As fans of Jimmy Kimmel know, very few things are as precious to children as Halloween candy. This ad for Crest and Oral B shows kids reacting to “healthy” candy—candy flavored like vegetables. Naturally, there is rioting. The commercial lives on via YouTube, furthering its reach well beyond its original air date.

3. Crooked street painting

dental advertising examples crooked street

Before-and-after images are a trope of health and beauty advertising. Most ads for orthodontics are straight-forward: crooked teeth on the left, straightened teeth on the right. This poster ad from Altschul Orthodontics, though, is a play on the before-and-after theme and is effectively subtle and hilarious.

4. Gollum before-and-after

dental advertising examples gollum before and after

The Lord of the Rings creature may have the worst set of choppers in all Middle Earth—or, at least, he had the worst set of choppers. A little imagination and a bit of Photoshopping can go a long way to prove your point.

5. Dental makeover

dental advertising examples dental makeover

It’s impossible to look away from a truly horrifying dental catastrophe as this ad clearly demonstrates. Undoubtedly, Thailand-based Dental Getaways has seen a bump in dental tourists since it began running this and other similarly graphic before-and-after ads.

6. Holes in teeth

dental advertising examples holes in teeth

This ad is another conceptual before-and-after image—and a particularly graphic one, at that. Making soft Swiss cheese of the “before” teeth—hungry mouse included—must’ve sent Italians to this dental practice in droves.

7. Chipped teeth infographic

dental advertising examples infographic

Your ads needn’t all go for shock value. Educating your current and potential patients with helpful tips—like this infographic warning against behaviors that can cause teeth to chip—will establish you as an expert in the field and as their go-to dentist in the future.

8. Crown

dental advertising examples crown

Though online ads and social posts are your best bets for reaching more new patients, old-school advertising hasn’t disappeared. This Yellow Pages ad grabs attention with its funny cartoon and caption with a play on words.

9. Dentist math

dental advertising examples dentist math

Another “joke” ad that promotes better eating and dental hygiene habits. These kinds of meme-like images are easy to create and highly shareable.

10. Photoshop failsdental advertising examples photoshop fails

This Colgate Total dental floss ad requires a double-take. Odds are you saw the bit of food detritus stuck in the model’s teeth right away, but is there something else in the photo that seems amiss?

11. Attention-grabbing fooddental advertising examples attention-grabbing food

Making the point that food stuck between your teeth is a glaring embarrassment, this ad for Oral-B dental floss exaggerates how said food can command as much attention as a person—in this case, a bikini-clad personified ear of corn.

12. Hiding teeth

dental advertising examples hiding teeth

This is an example of the group of ads that depict people (or objects) hiding their apparently unsightly teeth. Another variation for Trident White gum features coffee cups hiding mouths behind cup sleeves.

13. Pretty girl

Crest’s 3D White Whitestrips 2012 ad campaign featured videos that were exclusive to their YouTube and Facebook pages. Certainly, this ad—featuring an attractive woman with a surprising smile—garnered a lot of attention online.

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  1. Awesome adverts, loved the 6 finger colgate ad.

  2. Shaz Memon,

    Very creative post. As I know, pictures are still worth 1,000 words and is the best way to build an emotional attachment. Creating pictures with such creative ideas and sharing them on social media can definitely aid patients connect with your dental clinic for further dental care advice.

  3. justin, dentist

    thanks for sharing this informative blog

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