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10 Best Doctor and Dentist Blogs for Patients

Blogging is an effective strategy for marketing your medical or dental practice. By posting regularly about your specialty, related trends, and your patients (in a general way), you will demonstrate you’re a leader in your field while also developing a greater online presence. This in turn will help new patients find you via search, social sharing, and referrals.  

Many successful doctors and dentists use their websites to address the needs and interests of their target audiences. Here are 10 of the best blogs written by individual healthcare providers for patients.

Seattle Mama Doc

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson is a practicing pediatrician on staff at Seattle Children’s as well as an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson and a mother of two. Her Twitter feed was named one of TIME Magazine’s best, making her a doctor you should follow on social media. On her blog, Swanson discusses pediatric health news and provides expert advice on caring for children. In addition to her engaging prose, Swanson posts podcasts, videos, and other media to help educate her readers about health issues such as immunizations and nutrition and relevant current topics such as talking to kids about gun violence.

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Ask Dr. Spindel

NYC-based dentist Dr. Lawrence Spindel addresses frequently asked patient questions on his blog, providing insight and advice on dental health. He has been blogging for more than 10 years, often posting several times a month. In addition to covering common issues pertinent to patients—night guards, dental insurance, dental implants, teeth bleaching, etc.—Spindel writes posts intended for fellow dentists with advice and thoughts about practicing dental healthcare.

Dr. John M

Dr. John Mandrola is a cardiac electrophysiologist practicing in Louisville, KY, and writes about topics such as atrial fibrillation and cardiac health for his blog and for Medscape. His posts aim to educate readers on the science of heart rhythm and general cardiac matters, emphasizing the importance of healthy lifestyle choices for preventing heart disease. As an avid runner and cyclist, he also writes about endurance sports and medicine. His posts are brief and often cite studies and articles written by his peers, demonstrating how easily writing can be worked into the schedule of a busy professional.  

Dr. Mike Sevilla | Family Physician

Primacy care physician and self-described social media enthusiast Dr. Mike Sevilla is a Salem, OH-based family doctor who posts articles as well as videos and podcasts. He began his blogging career as “Doctor Anonymous” in 2006, sharing stories of his patients from the exam room. Now he posts to his eponymous site, making YouTube videos to talk about current health trends and writing about topics such as opioid abuse, cancer awareness, and staying safe during the holidays.

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Healthy Teeth. Healthy You!

Dr. Laurence “Larry” Stone is a family and cosmetic dentist who practices in Doylestown, PA, and blogs regularly about dental health, offering highly digestible advice for maintaining and improving dental health. His “Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Dentistry” post ranks highly when searching for related keywords on Google, helpfully dissuading users from DIY orthodontics or employing charcoal for tooth whitening.

Dr. Jen Gunter

San Francisco-based Dr. Jennifer Gunter, OB-GYN, writes about sex—specifically about popular sex advice, sexual health, and pregnancy. Several of her posts are ranked #1 on Google search results for answering specific questions about IUD self-removal (don’t), sea sponge tampon safety (they’re not), and how Plan B works post-ovulation (it’s doesn’t). And her outspoken opinion on Goop’s suggestions and branded products has earned her national attention and thousands of new readers.

Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.

Dr. Tori Hudson’s blog was named one of Healthline’s 10 best holistic health blogs for 2017, citing her expert posts about naturopathic health advice such as how to use vitamin D to prevent UTIs, how to use ginger for heavy menstrual bleeding, and how to use fish oil during pregnancy. In addition to her 32 years of work as a naturopathic clinician, Hudson has been recognized for her work as an author, speaker, educator, and researcher.

Dr. Greene’s Blog

Dr. Alan Greene is a pediatrician in private practice in Palo Alto, CA. His blog has advice on raising a healthy family with a focus on children’s health and information about pregnancy, allergies, nutrition, and sleep. Launched in 1995, was cited by the AMA as “the pioneer physician Web site.” Anyone Googling for the answer to “how long does mono last?” and many other pediatric health questions will find links to posts on Greene’s site.

Turek on Men’s Health Blog

Named one of Healthline’s top men’s health blogs of 2017 for the second consecutive year, urologist Dr. Paul Turek’s blog covers fertility, sex, and general men’s health and includes topics such as sperm health, Viagra, and the risks of becoming a father later in life. Turek’s site is search-optimized with clear, concise post titles and headlines, relevant images, and pertinent internal links, making it a likely recipient of Google traffic.

Colin Champ MD

Dr. Colin Champ, a radiation oncologist and integrative medicine practitioner in Pittsburgh, offers an alternative view on health and nutrition, focusing his writing on the connections linking modern diet to obesity and cancer. His blog posts often make recommendations for better mimicking aspects of the caveman’s lifestyle and diet with fewer simple carbs to maintain a healthy weight and to avoid chronic disease—a diet plan he describes on his blog and calls the Caveman Diet.

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